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Green Boat Tour Company

A group of RVers from our park posted about an airboat ride down the Peace River on Facebook. They recommended Green Boat Tour Company.

Some friends asked us to go, and Dave called for reservations.


American Alligator FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

As we arrived, Captain James pulled a large green airboat into the boat ramp. We loaded up the boat and headed down the river.

As we rounded the corner there was a large America Alligator sunning itself.


Tricolored Heron FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

It's not easy to photograph birds riding in a boat traveling 20mph. A large Tricolored Heron flew out of a small shallow grassy area.


Great Egret FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

I was scanning the river banks ahead, looking for birds, as I knew I didn't have much time to photograph them. This Great Egret flew out in front of us. If I saw a white bird, I clicked minus one in exposure comp, any colored birds, I used plus one.


Immature Great Egret FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

This immature Great Egret didn't seem bothered as we passed by. Maybe the tree gave it a sense of security.


American Alligators FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

Gators! Yes, they were everywhere you looked. Some were huge!


Roseate Spoonbill FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

I was surprised to see this Roseate Spoonbill wading in the river. I usually see these in small groups. Our friends had never seen one and were fascinated with the odd-looking bird.


White Ibis FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

Captain James did an excellent job guiding us down the river. He took us into this small shallow area and drove the airboat on a sandy beach. James is a native of Arcadia, Florida. He had some interesting stories about the recent hurricane hitting the Pease River area.

As we sat and talked, these White Ibis were looking for food.


Tricolored Heron FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF F5.6

Just as we were coming back to the boat ramp this Tricolored Heron flew in front of us.

Green Boat Tour Company is a family-run airboat company operating along the Peace River in Desoto County, Florida. James is very skilled and knowledgeable. He's been driving airboats all his life as his father taught him. He also takes a lot of time showing and explaining the area to ensure you have a positive experience.

Don't hesitate to contact James at Green Boat Tour Company if you want an airboat ride. To book a trip, visit his website at:

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Remember, your best photographs result from one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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