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The Ship has Sailed

We had a fun winter in Rockport, Texas, and we already miss our friends. That's the hard part about spending four months in the same park.


Why Fujifilm?

What are the two most asked questions when I'm out photographing? What camera are you using, and why do you use Fujifilm?


San Antonio River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is the heart of the city. As the #1 attraction in Texas, the River Walk is full of dining, shopping, and cultural experiences.


The Big Freeze

As most of you already know, Texas had one of its worst cold spells in history. We thought, how cold could it possibly get in Southern Texas? Well, when I woke up last Monday, the temperature was 17 degrees, ice covering everything, no power, no water, everything was closed, and we had no idea how our RV was going to take the cold.


Rockport Texas

My wife Eileen retired at the close of 2020, and we're on our first adventure. After Christmas with our family, we loaded up our RV and headed Southwest to Rockport, TX, for the winter.


Snow Day

On Presidents Day my daughters Sarah and Kelly brought their kids (plus 2 cousins) to our house to go sliding. We don't have a huge hill but the kids always seem to have fun.