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Sunny Morning Birding

The weather forecast was partly sunny with mild temperatures. I decided to do an early sunrise shoot with a friend Dave at our RV park.


Late Afternoon at the Marina

It was a cold, windy morning with temperatures in the low fifties; by the afternoon, the clouds cleared, and the sun came out, so I decided to head over to the marina to see if there were any birds.


Fall at Wintergreen Lake

It was a beautiful fall day, so I decided to take a short trip to the MSU Bird Sanctuary. It's one of my favorite fall places to walk and take photographs.


Sandhill Cranes

I needed a break from all the sporting event photos, so I went to one of my favorite spots for Sandhill Cranes. It's been cold and rainy, and after I took my Lab Kaycie for her morning walk, I headed out to shoot some cranes.


Reddish Egret

It seems like every time I go out to do some photography in the Rockport area I see a bird that I've never photographed. Today was no different.


Bent Oaks Rookery Park

In Rockport, Bent Oaks Rookery Park is a fantastic place to check out some beautiful birds in the Coastal Bend. The park is an 8.8-acre property along Broadway Street and Little Bay.