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Snow Day

They spent the better part of two hours going up and down the hill. Slowly they all started to get tired and finally came into the house.


A few played downstairs, some played Legos and Landen proceeded to whip grandpas butt in Gin Rummy. I taught him and Gavin how to play a few weekends back when they stayed the night.


As we were playing I thought about all of the times me and Kaylah, our oldest granddaughter played rummy. We had a lot of fun.

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As you look at the pictures they're all laughing and smiling, but none were as big as Grandpas. We are truly blessed with a large family.

dscf4716 dscf4831

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Always remember, your best photographs are the result of one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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