The Lower Leisure class

My cousin Ron Casebeer has always loved music. He’s played the guitar most of his life in several local bands. Last Friday the newest band, The Lower Leisure Class had a CD release party in Kalamazoo at Bell’s Eccentric Café. Ron had invited me to the release party and I was thinking about going and take some pictures.

Friday was our first blast of winter. It was cold and windy, with blowing snow. I had a busy day and I was just thinking about staying home. I went on Facebook and seen Ron had posted something about the party.

“Tonight! Seriously, you’re not too old, the weather isn’t that scary, and this is going to be so much fun! I really hope to see a you there!

I think my cousin was talking to me! I packed up my camera gear and headed to Kalamazoo.

As most of you know I love music,  my favorite is the blues. A while back I asked Ron what type of music do you play? Ron paused a minute, then with a little smirk, said “well, we play fun music, music that makes you happy

I’m not sure what he meant but I was about to find out.


There was a really nice turnout for the party. Some of Ron’s family, including his brother Doug and wife also attended. It made for a fun night as I also got to spend some time talking with them.

The band was really entertaining, not only were they having fun playing, the crowd also was having a great time. 

The band finished playing just before midnight and after Ron finished autographing some albums we had a chance talk for a few minutes. I told him how much I enjoyed listening to the music, if fact “it really is fun music, that makes you happy”.

If you get a chance go see The Lower Leisure Class

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