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2023 Fall Sports

The summer seemed to pass fast, and the fall season is now upon us. Our grandkids love to play sports, and I enjoy watching and photographing them and their teammates. It's a lot different photographing them than my wildlife photography. In some ways, it's harder.

payton payton2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200mm F2.0

Payton has started a new journey as she's attending Albion College and playing on the volleyball team. Playing college-level players has been an adjustment, but she continues to work hard. Her future is bright. She also gets to travel, and recently, the team played in Boston. Payton was excited about seeing all the history and learning more history.

issac issac2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200 F2

Isaac is a high school senior who excels playing on the defense line. It's a position that doesn't get the attention of the offensive players. Harper Creek's defense is one of the team's strengths. Isaac has gone through a transformation from playing last season. He's dropped almost 80 pounds on his own and is a force on the line.

gwen gwen2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 90mm F2.0

Gwen is playing on the JV volleyball team, and she's grown as an all-around player. Their team continues to improve, and she's been a big part of that. She always gives it 100 percent. We can't wait to see what she does next.

gavin gavin2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 50-140 F2.8

Gavin is a freshman and plays on both sides of the ball. He plays as hard as anyone and is known as a big-play player. The parents in the stands have come to expect Gavin to run over opposition players on his way to a score. He's going to be fun at the next level.

landen landen2_s27ug2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200mm F2.0

Landen is also a freshman who plays on defense. He plays a new position this year and continues learning and improving each game. He's hit his growth spurt, and we're unsure how tall he will be. We can't wait to watch him in the future.

titus titus2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200mm F2.0

Titus plays quarterback, and each season, he continues to improve. He runs the team, throws the ball well, and is also one of the team's best runners. He also plays on the defense and tackles well. He has a bright future playing quarterback.

brookie bookie2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200mm F2.0

Brooklyn plays travel soccer for BC Fire. They have an excellent team and work hard. The team relies on her as a defensive stopper. She continues to improve by being more aggressive. We can't wait to see this team as they stay together and continue to improve.

carter carter2_s27up1

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 200mm F2.0

Carter's in his first year playing rocket football. Watching all the boys learn what tackle football is about has been fun. He continues to improve and has scored touchdowns in several games. Carter is aggressive and has improved significantly in tackling.

ella ella2

FujiFilm H2s Fujifilm 50-140 F2.8

Ella is in her second year of playing soccer. As she becomes more aggressive, she continues to get better. She is starting to understand the game, and I look forward to her growth.

The colder rainy weather starts to creep in as the fall season winds down. It won't be long before we head South for the winter.

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Remember, your best photographs result from one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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