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Venice Rookery Park Two

On my last visit to the Rookery, I saw that the Blue Herons were nesting and had a few chicks. I also hoped to see the Great Egrets on their nests and maybe even with some chicks.


Great Egret. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

It was Tuesday morning, and I didn't know what to expect on a weekday. My last visit was on a weekend, and there were a lot of photographers. I saw my sister's excitement as we gathered our equipment and walked to the nesting area. I unfolded a couple of chairs, and the fun started.


Great Egret in flight. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

It was a beautiful morning, and I'm not sure Karen had ever seen this many birds in a tiny area. I could hear Karen's comments; I can't believe this; look at that one; oh my God,  followed by the clicking noise of her camera shutter firing off picture after picture.


Great Egret. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

This Great Egret flew up just a few feet from us, and I walked around and positioned myself to get the Egret with this colorful background. I was so close that I could only get a head-shot.


Great Egrets. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

The Egrets were still not in their nest and are continuing thier courting retuals.


Blue Herons in flight. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

This Egret flew over the Blue Heron nest, and this fledging didn't know what to think.


Great Blue Heron in flight. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

I always enjoy a Big Blue in flight.


Blue Herons. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

This Blue Heron gives you a look.


Anhinga taking off. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

This Anhinga was sitting on this branch, drying its wings before taking off.


Great Egret is spreading its wings. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500PF

This Great Egret was taken off before returning with some nesting material.

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Remember, your best photographs result from one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

Comments are always welcomed.


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