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Sunrise Inspiration

On Wednesday's I volunteer to set up the clubhouse for donuts and coffee. After feeding my dog Kaycie, we took our morning walk around the RV resort. As we walked her around the park, it was just starting to get daylight, and I noticed the unusual cloud formations in the sky.

I thought to myself, could this be one of those memorable sunrises?


I still had to go into Rockport to get donuts, so I knew I didn't have time to venture out to some of my favorite areas. It took me about fifteen minutes to get ready, and by the time I turned left on Business 35, the sun had just started to rise above the horizon.

I immediately pulled off the shoulder as I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. I grabbed my iPhone and took a few shots, and I think this one is my favorite.

dscf2904 dscf2902

Wednesday's sunrise was all I needed to get inspired for Thursday's sunrise. I left the RV before daylight and ended up along the coastline outside Rockport.

_dsf2203 _dsf2195

Almost like clockwork, the American White Pelicans start flying across the horizon as the day's light begins. I never get tired of watching them glide along the horizon and drop down into the water, creating some beautiful silhouettes.


After watching the White Pelicans, I drove to the boat launch and finished my coffee. Daylight was almost here, and the sun started to lite up the dock and boathouse.

_dsf2264 _dsf2246

Goose Island State Park always seems to have some wildlife, so before heading back to the RV, I drove through the park. I was a little disappointed as the only birds I found we more American White Pelicans.

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Always remember, your best photographs are the result of one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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