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Searching for Sandhill Cranes

It was partly cloudy, and I thought I'd head out to a small wetland area located at B drive South and Twelve Mile Rd. I was hoping the sun would come out and get some golden hour photographs of the Cranes flying into the wetland.


As I pulled up to the small pond surrounded by some wetlands, I was surprised that there was no Sandhills insight. I ended up driving down Twelve Mile Rd. to see if I could find some in the freshly harvested cornfields.


I did see four Cranes deep in one of the fields. They were too far back to get any good shots, so I watched them for a while and headed back to the pond.


As I waited for what I thought would be a nice night with a good sunset for photographing, I decided to look around and see what else I could photograph. Looking back to the West, I shot this sunset.


The sky was not as brilliant looking more towards the North. As you can see, the cold weather, rain, and windy conditions have blown most of the leaves off the trees.


As it got closer to sunset, it was apparent that I wouldn't be getting any Cranes in flight. It still was fun getting out and enjoying the mild evening.

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Always remember, your best photographs are the result of one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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