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Circle B Bar Reserve

I planned to visit the reserve with Dave Ordner, a fellow photographer I met in Texas last winter. Dave and Sue are staying the winter in Tampa. We both are about an hour's drive to the reserve. It was a foggy morning, and it had cleared by the time we arrived.


Snowy Egret FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

A photographer met us as we parked and walked to the visitor center. He asked us if we needed any help. We told him it was our first time at the reserve, and he gave us some pointers on navigating the trails.


Green Heron FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

The trails are all marked, and as we walked down the first one, we were both amazed at the wildlife. There were birds everywhere. I found this Green Heron sitting on a branch, looking for a meal.


Glossy Ibis and White Ibis. FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

It was nice to see these two Ibises. I had never photographed the Glossy Ibis, and I usually find the White Ibis along the shoreline feeding. Seeing a group of White Ibises sitting in the tree was a surprise.


Osprey FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

I saw a few Osprey up in the trees along the lake. This one is sitting on a branch, looking for food along the lake. I almost walked right past it as it was hidden in the branches.


Snowy Egret FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

We met two photographers, and to my surprise, they both were shooting Fujifilm. One gentleman noticed I had the new H2s and asked about my experiences with the new camera. As we walked together and talked, we came to this small platform on the edge of the lake.

As we were talking, one noticed this Snowy Egret in the reeds. All of a sudden, it dove under and snatched a large fish. I quickly got my camera up and started to follow it as it came out of the water and headed for a wooded area. I got a few excellent BIF photos.


Anhinga FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

There were a lot of Anhingas. Normally, we see them with their wings outstretched in sunny conditions. I liked how it posed for me extending its long neck.


Blue Heron FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

As we continued down Alligator Alley, we were shocked to find this big Blue Heron trying to eat this large fish or eel. We watched it for about fifteen minutes, and finally, as its neck extended, it slowly swallowed it. It shouldn't be hungry for a long time.


Bald Eagle Nest FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

Across the lake, there was a Bald Eagles nest. It was far off, but I still got a picture showing the baby Eagle. It would be nice to get closer, but there's a reason they built the nest away from the path.


Double-Crested Cormorant FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

There were Comorants everywhere. I watched this one fly in from a distance. Look at its greenish eye and hooked beak. You can see why they're good hunters.


American Allagators FujiFilm H2s Nikon 500 PF

We had walked for about four hours, and both of us were tired. We only saw a small portion of the trails. On our way out, we came across this small wetland. Dave and I were close to the edge shooting away. We looked down, and this huge Alligator was looking right at us. We moved back away from the edge, and we both looked at each other with the same expression.

We had a great time and plan on going back to see the rest of the trails.

Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Remember, your best photographs result from one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

Comments are always welcomed.


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