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Reddish Egret

It seems like every time I go out to do some photography in the Rockport area I see a bird that I've never photographed. Today was no different.


The Big Freeze

As most of you already know, Texas had one of its worst cold spells in history. We thought, how cold could it possibly get in Southern Texas? Well, when I woke up last Monday, the temperature was 17 degrees, ice covering everything, no power, no water, everything was closed, and we had no idea how our RV was going to take the cold.


Bent Oaks Rookery Park

In Rockport, Bent Oaks Rookery Park is a fantastic place to check out some beautiful birds in the Coastal Bend. The park is an 8.8-acre property along Broadway Street and Little Bay.


Tricolored Herons

Our RV park is located just off business 35 between Rockport and Aransas. It's about six miles from each town. Traveling the two-lane 35 towards Rockport, there is water everywhere. We see a lot of wildlife in the small ponds and wetlands along the road.


Sunrise Silhouettes

I got up early and headed to the Big Tree area, hoping to photograph some Whooping Cranes in flight. As I arrived, it was about an hour before sunrise, and you could see the stars, so I could tell it was going to be a clear morning.


Majestic Oak Resort Music

After some cold and rainy weather, the sun finally came out today. The temperatures warmed up to the low seventies, which felt great. A group of campers took the opportunity to play some music outside of the clubhouse.


Whooping Cranes

At approximately 58", the endangered Whooping Crane is the tallest North American bird. Along with the Sandhill Crane, at 48", it is one of only two crane species found in North America.