Sandhill Silhouettes

October 23, 2020

I've wanted to visit the wetland area close to my house to try photographing some Sandhill Silhouettes—the weather forecasted a partly cloudy sunrise, perfect!

It turned out to be foggy, so I had to wait until some of it cleared.

DSCF8963 Edit
DSCF9070 Edit

You never know what the sunrise will bring. The sky didn't have the colors that sometimes you see. But I still had fun watching the Cranes fly out of the wetland.


As the activity slowed, I'd figured I would too. I dropped my shutter speed to /30 seconds to see if I could capture some blur. It's fun trying to pan and get some sharp bodies with wing movement.


Photography should be fun! It's not about the phone or camera brand you're using. Always remember, your best photographs are the result of one thing, making an effort to get out and shoot.

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